17 The Best New Dad Gifts for Any First-Time or Expectant Father

When pregnancy becomes publicly known, expectant mothers often receive a literal shower of gifts. Once the baby arrives they become even more celebrated as their fame rightfully deserves; however it can be easy to overlook dad in all this excitement so take time today for him with one thoughtful present!

The best gifts for new dads come in all shapes and sizes. A practical present to help him navigate those early days of parenthood, a sweet keepsake that will always remind you how much he loves being an dad or even just something luxurious but functional – we have it covered! Whether shopping around Father’s Day or looking ahead at his birthday coming up soon; no matter what kind hearted guy (or gal)you are this time round there’s sure be something perfect waiting patiently behind

1. Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask

New dads need to get enough sleep! It’s the ultimate gift for them. And who better than an uninterrupted night’s rest? This bamboo fabric mask will definitely help matters by providing 360 degree coverage with its soft cloud-like texture, blocking out light and reducing noise so that dad can finally take his time getting comfortable in bed next morning when he has you on watch over little ones all day long

2. Lounge Pants

Loungewear is a great way to keep men comfortable, no matter the situation. After all – having new babies means spending hours at home! I’m sure dad won’t even want his old sweatpants back once he gets these comfy pants from you guys in mail-box form instead

3. Everyday Sneakers

Everyday Sneakers

What’s better than one awesome dad? A unstoppable crew of Dads! Allbirds, known for their super-comfortable shoes and latest style which is no exception with the Wool Piper sneaker made from natural materials in signature merino wool fabric. This versatile classic can be machine washed making it perfect as a gift that will last around baby’s home life too—best part? You got this determinedinemate bonus points just because they’re able to wear these along side total comfort while taking careof rounding out any outfit perfectly.

4. Phone Sanitizer

Nowadays, more than ever before and while we won’t go into detail about how many germs are lurking on your phone (you know what they say: don’t knock it until you’ve tried), this innovative compact charger will keep things clean. It zaps away 99% of bacteria with every use while also amplifying sound for those who need both hands free!

5. Multi-Purpose Pocket Tool

Having a little kid means that anything could happen at any time. That’s why it’s important to always be prepared with an awesome Swiss Army Knife like the Victorinox ones, which has seven functions including tweezers and nail scissors (you never know). And because there are so many baby gear items in boxes waiting for assembly by fathers-to-be who will soon become dads – this gift idea is sure not only get plenty use but also appreciation from your future son/daughter!

6. Coffee Subscription

Trade Coffee is the best new dad gift because it’s a subscription service that gives you your caffeine fix straight to home. They have 400 types of coffee from across America, and there’s an easy quiz for them decide what type will be perfect based on Dad’s preferences – he can even take this same survey each time before they ship out his order so nobody misses any great flavors!

7. Pocket Blanket

Pocket Blanket

The pocket blanket is a must-have for any dad who spends time outdoors with their kids. It’s smaller than an iPhone, but it expands into water resistant material perfect to take on walks or playdates!

8. Outdoor Slippers

What better way to keep baby warm and dry than with some Ugg slippers? These outdoor rated boots will be sure make for the perfect new dad gift. They’re both cushioning on your feet as well has having a high traction rubber sole which allows him ample time outside of his house without worrying about getting dirty or wet from rainwater seeping into those thin fabric inner lining inside most shoes !!!

9. Massage Roller

New dads have a lot on their plate, so it’s only natural that they would feel stressed out. Luckily there are some great gifts for new dad such as the total body massage roller! This product comes with four spinning massagers and can be used to rub down your arms or legs while providing relief from muscle tension caused by lifting weights at home without having someone else do them

10. Star Map

The sky is a beautiful place and it’s amazing that we can look up at night with our mobile devices to find out what stars were talking about back then! A My Sky Moment map will display how the heavens looked on any date or time span you choose, giving dad an unforgettable gift.

11. Diaper Backpack

Diaper Backpack

The best dad gifts are the ones that have eco-friendly options, and this awesome backpack is made from recycled plastic bottles! It has plenty of space for all your baby necessities without going heavy. The changing pad makes sure you don’t dirty any carpets or seats with messy business while there’s also an insulated pocket perfect if drinks need to stay cool during car rides – because let’s be honest: babies can really put a dent in their share pile sometimes

12. Weighted Bathrobe

The Gravity Blanket is the perfect gift for any new dad. This weighted collar relaxes your neck and reduces stress, which will help you sleep better!

13. Travel Coffee Mug

The best gift for any new dad is coffee. He’ll be able to enjoy his favorite morning drink even if he’s getting interrupted by the little ones! This stainless steel, dishwasher-safe travel mug uses double wall vacuum insulation that keeps warm hours long and features an easy open design with no breakage or leaks in sight – perfect repayment from those sleepless nights at home on Mother’s Day weekend when you were snuggled up against baby while they woke everyone else up around them.

14. Portable Speaker

The portable speaker is the answer to all of dad’s prayers. It can keep him entertained anywhere baby takes them, whether attached at home during naps or out doing things like taking walks together! This lightweight device even floats in water so there are no worries if you fancy yourself an adventurous sorts who loves baths too much

15. Desk Calendar

Help your new dad remember what day of the week it is with a calendar that doubles as an actual picture frame. You can order replacement packs each year and he’ll never get tired looking at baby pictures again!

16. Portable Photo Printer

You don’t always need to go the extra mile for Father’s Day, but if your dad loves taking photos of his family and himself then this is one gift he’ll really appreciate. Not only does it allow him take quality images with ease on-the Go ( without having an expensive camera), but now they’re also able send visitors home in possession mode because there won’t be any worries about printing out souvenirs or getting pictures taken at events!

17. Daddy and Me Matching Shirts

Dad and baby might not always see eye to eye, but these 100% cotton shirts will make both of them feel comfortable. Made with a sense humor that’s sure to please even the most persistent child can put away their manners for an evening when they’re out saving world from destruction!

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