18 Fun Gifts for Your Cool Uncle

Give your cool uncle the perfect gift to make him smile on his birthday! Uncle advocating for himself with these fun and funny presents. With clothes, gadgets or even food items included in each one of our awesome gifts you know he will be well taken care off until next year when it’s time again for round two – Happy Birthday Uncle!!

1. Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

Now he can cook like Spock, the science officer of Enterprise. This oven glove is perfect for Trekkies who are always on-the go and need something that looks just as good protecting their hands while they work hard making dinner or grabbing those last few minutes before bedtime!

2. Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

This Adventure Essentials Survival Kit is the perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast this year. uncle will find tiny tins containing waterproof matches, compass and wire saw inside of it! There are also water purification tablets that can be used in an emergency situation or if there’s natural disaster on its way; then lastly we have some other must-haves like signal mirroring material so you don’t get lost while exploring faraway places

3. RAK Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws, Nails, Drill Bits

The frustration of dropping something just when you need it is frustrating. This magnetic wristband contains 10 strong magnets, which will hold all manner or metal objects including drill bits – essentially giving him an extra helping hand!

4. Taco Tie

Taco Tie

He’ll be able to cheer up even the dullest meeting with this fun but still very stylish neck tie. Made from a superior 1200 needle count fabric for an overall smooth finish, it features an all-over taco design that will brighten any day!

5. Flavor Infusing Grilling Wraps

With a little something different to his grilling repertoire, get him this pack of 8 cedar wood and alder grilled wrap. Made from natural materials like these two scarce but prestigious woods that are often used in the making of high quality furniture or carpentry workpieces – they’re perfect for adding an extra layer on top when barbecuing anything you can think about: vegetables & tofu; cheese (or anything else)!

6. Ember Mug

users can now enjoy their perfect cup of coffee, no matter the time or place. The Ember mug has a range from 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit and will maintain that temperature for up to 90 minutes so you don’t have any more lukewarm beverages!

7. Earwax Candle Kit

“It’s so refreshing to find an online shopping experience that goes beyond just clicking through pages of products. This site is creative, interactive and most importantly….funny! I can’t wait for my husband’s face when he opens this for Christmas.”

8. USB Rechargeable Lighter

Not all lighters are created equal. The most popular type of lighter is the disposable variety, which can only last up to 400 years before its lifetime runs out and ends up in a landfill somewhere – but not anymore! Now there’s also an option for smokers who want their own USB rechargeable zinc or gold alloy based on lithium ion technology so they don’t have spend money every time they need some extra lightin’ when compared with matches/ refinery fuels etc..

9. 1000 Record Covers Book

The 60s and 70s were a time of great musical innovation, with artists like Dylan breaking down boundaries. This book contains 1000 record covers from that era to give you an insider’s look into how music was released back then! This article provides information about Record Covers – what they are used for; who makes them available on vinyl or CD etc., along side some fantastic vintage photos which show just why we love collecting these pieces so much.

10. Urban Map Glass

Urban Map Glass

He may be an architect, lawyer or even recently retired. But no matter what he does for a living – if this man has anything to do with it – you can bet your bottom dollar there will always some form of drinking involved! This etched glass is perfect because not only does the design feature his favorite city’s district grid (which would make any map-lovers heart flutter), but also incorporates rocks glassware into its overall look so that one sip becomes two.

11. Darth Baker Uncle Apron

He’s a messy cook or perhaps even messier eater. But this awesome space-themed apron will keep him looking clean and tidy no matter what! Featuring the classic design of an icons from yesteryear, it’s made with quality cotton blend material that is perfect for any occasion – especially ones where you want everyone else eating your food before taking theirs off themselves (hint hint).

12. 5-in-1 Tool Pen

What’s more is that this 5-in1 tool also has a ruler and bubble level on one side, as well as an stylus hidden inside! With such helpful tools at your disposal you’ll never need to worry about not being able find what socket or screwdriver bit fits best for any job around the house.

13. My Favorite Niece Gave Me This Mug

The perfect gift for your favorite uncle, this 11 oz. ceramic mug is both simple and to the point! Printed on both sides with a fun message that will never fade after time in dishwasher or microwave–the “favorite niece” design makes it so they can drink their morning coffee out of anything without worry about damaging its quality.

14. Best Uncle Ever Shirt

Best Uncle Ever Shirt

The best uncle ever will be proud to wear this cool tee. It says what he’s always known; that his nieces and nephews love him more than anyone else! The design features a colorful graphic on the front with an Uncle holding up two index fingers in victory, as if they were giving themselves fist bumps (which we all know is perfectly acceptable).

15. Chia Pet Bob Ross

The artist who everyone loves to bits is back in town with a planter that will make your kitchen shine. Made from handmade pottery, this adorable addition comes complete and signature-perfect like always! When planted on top of their heads (ha!) seeds grow into bright green chia ‘hair’ which adds beauty as well as nutritional value – just what we need more of around here…

16. Star-Spangled Spatula

Whether you’re flipping burgers on the BBQ or cooking eggs in your kitchen, this spatula will make a perfect addition to either job. The sturdy design is dishwasher safe and can be used safely every day without worry of breaking down before its time!

17. Deep Sea Sand Art

Give him the perfect gift to help calm his nerves on a hectic day. This amazing sand art features various shades of golden grains, which shift into other unique designs with every rotation – oceans billowing inwards towards mountains range Discover peace for yourself or as an incredible retirement present

18. Beer Chilling Coasters

Keep your beer cold, and show off the can or bottle shape with these remarkable coasters. Made from reclaimed granite to fit both styles of beverages perfectly-they have indents for either type! The wooden caddy is sold separately but necessary when entertaining guests who might want more than one kind drinks at once (or in case you decide not drink any yourself).

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