20 Gift Ideas to Give Your Uncle This Year That Are Thoughtful and Cool

The best way to buy gifts for people is by identifying what they like and then going above and beyond. For example, if your uncle loves reading books but doesn’t have any favorite authors yet this year consider getting him one from a different genre or series so that it will be more memorable when future holidays come around! Buying presents can sometimes feel daunting because there are an infinite number of options available at all times; however just paying attention in order not get overwhelmed helps quite frequently.

What better way to show your uncle you care than with one of these gift ideas? There’s something for every type and preference. If he loves sports, there are tickets to the next big game or an ultimate team package; if his nieces/nephews are infants then buy them some cute dresses in their favorite color so they’ll be ready when it is time do dress up again at home alone! For those who love puzzles try making him feel like a genius by giving guidance through challenges on mindfulness apps such as Headspace (iOS)

There are so many great gift options this year for the uncle who has taken on a parental role! Whether it is your own blood relation or not, there’s something out there to suit everyone. We’re talking about games and trays made just for kids – as well as adults- all with an emphasis on fun that will keep them occupied until dinner time arrives at last…

1. Rowing Blazers Babar Embroidered Hat

Cool Uncle gifts are hard to find, but not with Rowing Blazers’ collection of fun hats. They come in bright and whimsical designs that will suit any cool uncle’s style!

2. If The Sock Fitz Custom Uncle Socks

IfTheSockFitz Custom Uncle Socks

A custom gift from his niece or nephew is always a classic option (and an excellent idea). These embroidered socks are sweet and useful, keeping the graphic as “Best Uncle Ever” but you can personalize it with whatever name he deserves!

3. GretaOtoDesign Docking Station

The perfect gift for the uncle who has everything, but needs more space. A personalized docking station hardly takes up any room and organizes efficiently!

4. Leatherology Deluxe Folio

It’s not just uncles who need to get work done. Even if you’re coaching a sport or working from home while the kids are around, it can be tough keeping up with all of your tasks without an office space that is efficient and well-organized—and this Professional Folio has pockets for storing papers as well!

5. Tumi Alpha 3 Hanging Travel Kit

Tumi’s travel kit is a perfect gift for the person who loves to have everything with them. It has compartments that keep all of your belongings in one place, so you can easily throw it into any bag when going away on trips!

6. Yangbaga Wooden Coasters

We would say that kids are messy…but adults can be too. They might not have as many places to play with their food or create messes in, like on your ring-free coffee table! A set of cool coaster will keep things tidy for you and those around them.

7. Brita Water Filter Bottle

Brita Water Filter Bottle

What better way to show your uncle you care than with a nice, thoughtful gift? Brita’s bottled water has him covered. Not only does it come in an easy-to carry container that can be thrown into any bag or briefcase—the clean taste will always remind him of home–but there are even nifty filters built right onto some straws so he’ll have fresh tasting H2O at all times!

8. Lululemon ABC Pant Slim 32″ Warpstreme

Lululemon’s ABC pants are perfect for any non-workout activity that involves movement. You can chase children around in the backyard with them, or just wear them when you’re moving about your day!

9. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Give the gift of style this year with a pair of Ray-Bans. For an especially fun presentation, look for some unexpected details such as hexagonal frames or cool colors!–to really make your present feel special!

10. The Remarkable 2

What if your uncle is always on the go? Or a writer-slash artist with lots of creative ideas but not enough time to put them all down in writing. Well, get him this nifty little gadget that lets him take his notes anywhere without having anything written clearly visible for everyone else around!

11. Adidas Ultraboost 21 Running Shoe

Adidas Ultraboost 21 Running Shoe

Who says you need to stick with the status quo? If your kids are always running around outside, then get some sneakers that will let them go as fast and far in their daily activities. The best sneaker for this is Adidas’s Ultraboost because it has a light foam sole so they’re really comfortable but also give off enough support when needed most!

12. N\C Ziixon Pilsner Craft Beer Glasses

The perfect gift for your uncle is one that entertains you while he enjoys an adult drink. With these craft beer glasses, hosting gets a whole lot easier!

13. Mirror

The Mirror is a new workout class, private training session and on-demand fitness all in one object. It’s more expensive than most other options but it might be worth the extra cost because you’ll get to use this when going visit your uncle who loves working out!

14. Giant Ring Toss

The ring toss game is a great way to keep your family entertained on those lazy summer days. It can be used at home, in the backyard or even out by that pool!

15. Koio Retro Runner Cloud

Koio Retro Runner Cloud

The smooth, seamless construction of the Koio shoe means you can wear them all day long without any discomfort. They feel more elevated than your average running sneakers and are great for wearing with jeans or stretchy Lululemon pants to keep things interesting!

16. Luke Mattson Joshua Tree Art Print

He’ll love this! Uncle’s are always looking for the best gifts, so get him something that will remind him of where he came from. This Joshua Tree print is perfect because it can go on any empty wall in your home and make you feel like part of a family too

17. GreenWoodenArt Wood Picture Frame

It’s always a good idea to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. With all these new frames from IKEA, it doesn’t get easier than this! I personally like darker wood options because they go well with my home decor but there are others that would be great too depending on what type of person he/she seems more into at present time…

18. Timbuk2 Vapor Backpack

Timbuk2 backpacks are more than just a bag for carrying all of your belongings, they’re an essential tool in any uncle’s arsenal. Timmys can carry everything from laptops and change clothes to candy bars so he has what is needed when unexpected company comes over!

19. Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The stick vacuum is a must-have for anyone with kids or pets in their household. It’s great at cleaning up messes on the floor, but its main use will be as an everyday dust collector to keep your living room clean from all those crumbs that end up there when you eat dinner!

20. Brooklinen Waffle Bath Sheet Bundle

Waffle towels are the perfect gift for a man who has everything. He’ll never run out of hot water again with these waffled up ones, and they’re great as an extra layer when you need to wash your hands after using his bathroom!

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