20 Hilariously Funny Gag Gifts For Men

Hit him where it hurts with a gift that will make him laugh! Whether you’re looking for something gross or just want to show off your sense of humor, these great gifts are sure hit their mark. From flashcards fullof jargon and Acronym Dictionary so he can impress all his friends at parties (or even use them in everyday conversation), underwear larger than what’s acceptable decorously , there really is no shortage here . If things have been weird lately then maybe going forward wagging fingers isn’t enough anymore – give this guy some funny presents from us.

1. Custom Face Boxers For Him

Custom Face Boxer Brief Personalized Photo Underwear For Man – I’m Nuts About You

Just like people, animals can be charming too! This set of underwear features a cute face for men printed on them. You may use these as gifts to show your significant other how much you care about their well-being or if it’s something more discreet like an early birthday present; either way they’ll love getting such personalized lingerie from you because there is no one else out here doing this kinder stuff than us. Buy Face Boxer at customfaceboxers.com

2. Remote Control Fart Machine

The fart machine that’ll make you laugh no matter where or when. With 15 new different sounds, this sturdy gift is a must-have for any man in your life – whether he needs to get some good laughs from it during an awkward moment at work; uses it as background noise while cooking dinner with his family so they don’t mind if he leaps out of nowhere every time someone opens their mouth (even though we know there’s nothing wrong);or just wants something fun around which everyone can joke unconditionally because all opinions are valid!

3. Giant Stainless Steel Flask

Elevate your flask game with the 64 ounce stainless steel bottle that is perfect for enjoying cocktails or other favorite drinks. If you know someone who loves to kick back, this ultimate gag gift will make them laugh all day long!

4. How To Live With A Huge Penis Book

The best way to deal with a problem that many people live is by reading about it. This book will help you, the reader understand what Oversized Male Genitalia actually means and how living life as an inmate can be difficult at times but not impossible! A large pair or “big member” would ultimately lead one down the path where they may think he has no options left in front him- when really all those needs viewer wanted was guidance from someone else who knows more than himself on these topics because only then might something change for good…

5. Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler

Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler

This hilarious foam drink holder will bring out big laughs and most importantly, keep your favorite cold beverage at bay. Made of durable material in a flesh tone color that’s perfect for any occasion – it can even be used as decoration around the house or when hosting parties!

6. The Poo Book

Poop is a necessary thing that everyone does, but what exactly does your poop tell you? Now with this book full of great information about the subject matter in question – it’ll be easy for anyone to learn all there is know on how best handle their bowels.

7. Thumbs Up ICK Mug

If you’re looking for a way to make your coffee taste better, this is the perfect product. It’s not subtle but it will have everyone laughing in awe of how cleverly designed and creative they are!

8. Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game

You need to get your friends together for a night of drinking? Great! You’re in luck because we have just what you are looking for. This shot glass roulette set comes with 16 originality printed glasses and the most popular game board, ready made so all that’s left is gathering everyone else around Miami-style!

9. Coloring and Activity Book For Grown-Ups

If you’re looking for a book that will entertain and surprise your friends, family members or even coworkers then this 1-2 hour activity kit might be just what’s needed. With more than 50 different activities in total – from drawing funny faces to completing secret sentences about themselves; there is something here everyone can enjoy!

10. Bottle Opener Ring

What’s more manly than opening your favorite beer? Not much! With this nifty bottle opener ring, you can do just that and show off the best feature of all: how easy it is for any guy to open up his own beverage. This makes a perfect gift idea or something unique he could wear on day-to-day basis too – especially if there are other jewelry types out their already (though we think these would look awesome together).

11. Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey

Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey

The flying monkey is a great gift for any occasion. It can be used as an indoor toy or outdoor activity, and it’s especially fun when you have friends over! The best part about this game? You get to boss around Tarzan while he screams like Fun fact: Did you know that in addition to being able fly distances up 50 feet high on his own Power!, our slingshotMonkey also has super strength so we don’t need much effortin’ around here at all.

12. Portable Pizza Pouch

This Dad Bag Fake Belly Waist Pack is a great way to keep your food fresh and secure while you’re out on the town. It has plenty of space for all those important things, like cash or cards! Plus it looks humorous so even more importantly – people will be laughing at how overweight YOU are instead if them taking their last slice from this pouch… right before they eat themselves into an early grave with just one bite. A few extra pounds doesn’t have any effect wheneatting healthy foods such as fruit !!!

13. Sir Perky Novelty Bottle Opener

The perfect gift for the beer lover in your life, this is one of our favorite novelty items. Not only does it open bottles with ease but also has a seated man wearing women’s clothing on its front! Made out durable hard plastic so you can take care if drinking games without worrying about breaking them or losing their flavor quickly like most other things do after just one use.

14. Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet

The beer and soda helmet guzzler is a great tool for tailgating, parties or watching the big game. With this handy device you can drink two of your favorite beverages at once so that there’s never any letdown when it comes time to party!

15. Redneck Backscratcher

We all have those little irritating irritants on our backs that we can never seem to reach and the perfect solution is this backscratcher shaped like a rake. It’s not just any old rakish looking thing, it has been designed with humor in mind – which will make for an entertaining gift idea no matter who you’re buying it for or what occasion they are celebrating at home!

16. Expoding Golf Balls

Expoding Golf Balls

The perfect gift for the golfer who has everything, but needs more. These balls look and feel just like real ones But when you hit them they explode into a cloud of dust which will probably make their friends hate themselves too!

17. Liquid Ass Fart Prank

It’s like the perfect accessory for your day! You’ll want to clear out all of those nasty smells with this spray. Just one spritz leaves an odorless cloud that will last indefinitely, and it smells so bad even farting into a diaper won’t help get rid them anymore (literally).

18. Canned Unicorn Meet

Did you just say ” unicorn”? I’m guessing that’s not something we serve here at this restaurant, but if it is then by all means take one home with ya! We’ve got plenty of other great gags like these hilarious dismembered animal heads too- perfect for your guy friends who love a good practical joke.

19. Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf

What better way to spend a relaxing weekend than playing golf and passing your bowels at the same time? The Potty Putter is designed with all of those important features like putting green, pin flag, putter – even two balls! In addition it comes complete with “Do Not Disturb” door hanger so that you can focus on practicing without interruption.

20. Head Down Golf Tees

Golfers can’t seem to stop talking about the new golf tees that have come onto scene. With a pair of legs and backside diving into ground, these innovative products let you stay focused on your game while getting laughs from fellow players before hitting off!

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