The 15 Best Gifts For Your Husband That Will Steal the Show

It’s easy to think of the tried-and true gifts for men, like socks. But we all know that they can be boring! If your guy has a more creative side or is really into fashion then why not get him something unique this year?
A gift isn’t just about what you spend money on; it’s also an expression of how much thought went into finding exactlywhat would make someone happy (and maybe even inspire them). Here are some ideas:

1. Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

He’s never had peanut butter whiskey before, which means this makes a great gift for any whiskey lover. The first of its kind- it uses an unique process to extract rich and flavorful flavors from peanuts! Mix it up in cocktail or enjoy solo; you won’t regret giving him something special when he enjoys the taste of these exceptional spirits mixed with his favorite drink creation…

2. Theragun Mini

The new Theragun is the perfect solution for people who can’t seem to stop working out. It offers all of its beneficial properties in a quiet, smooth manner that won’t distract from your training routine or cause any additional soreness after you’re done exercising!

3. California Cowboy Men’s High Water Shirt

California Cowboy Men’s High Water Shirt

These shirts are an excellent choice for the beach-loving, pool party going set. Like their classic counterparts these fun and fashionable tops come in bold solids or whimsical prints that will make you shine amongst your peers at any event! Additionally they have special pockets just right to hold his phone as well as beverages so he can stay connected while enjoying himself outdoors this summer season

4. Geologie Personalized Skincare

Loyal Tomcat is true to the name, making personalized skin care easier than ever for guys. He takes a quick diagnostic quiz (or you can take it on his behalf) that features some questions about his specific worries and concerns with how he looks after himself – such as an early warning sign of wrinkles or acne breakouts in places where they shouldn’t be appearing yet! He gets sent four products tailored specifically towards addressing all these issues: one cleanser; two moisturizers separated by day/night time use so there’s always enought.

5. Mack Weldon Radius Pant

The perfect pants for when you need to look good and stay comfortable. These are the type of chinos he likes, but they come with all sorts of benefits that make them great addition any time! They’re water-resistant so your favorite workout or golf course isn’t an issue; there’s also stain resistance in case anything spills on him (or anyone). But most importantly: these babies have stretchy material inside making sure everything stays loose while still providing incredible comfort during extended wear

6. Bearaby Cotton Napper

Bearaby Cotton Napper

When you’re feeling Blue and need a little pick-me up, this weighted blanket is the perfect way to release stress. Made with organic cotton it offers all of those benefits like major relaxation but will not overheat your pup either! Plus they can enjoy snuggles in an cozy space that’s big enough for both pets & owners alike
A must have accessory whether at home or on vacation–perfect as gifts too

7. Breville The Smoking Gun Wood Smoke Infuser

With the ultimate in smoking flexibility, this portable battery operated smoker will give your food an authentic smoky flavor that can’t be beat. As well as being able to provide just enough smokeyness depending on what you are preparing or where it’s coming from – like Europe!

8. Kingsley Leather Dark Brown Leather Card Holder

He’s got style, he’s got brains – no wonder this English-made cardholder is a perfect fit for him! With its sleek design and quality material make up both sides are made from full grain leather which means there will be nothing holding back his creativity when it comes time to buy gifts or just get out the door.

9. Sonos Beam

The sound of your voice should always come through loud and clear. That’s why we’ve completely upgraded his speaker system in one fell swoop, so now he can play music or watch TV with crystal-clear dialogue no matter where you are!

10. Hexclad Hybrid Pan

Hexclad Hybrid Pan

If your husband loves to cook, make sure that you tell him about this new pan. It features an elegant design with layers of aluminum between two coats stainless steel for those who want the benefits both nonstick cooking surface and durability found in traditional pots/pans!

11. Prodigy Automatic Scoring Bristle Dartboard System

Hubby, I know you’ve been looking for a way to spice up your bar game. Well get ready because this smart dartboard is it! It has everything from professional lighting system and WiFi connectivity just so we could scratch two of the many techy features on our list… trust me when I say there’s no going back now

12. Dogwood Hill Gentleman Note Cards

If a guy wants to make his personal style statement, he needs personalized stationery. The options for these cool notecards come in different designs and can be customized with monogramming or Crestron typography (and even Christmas trees!). I’m sure that most guys will never buy this themselves – but we’re always looking out of the box when it comes down picking up something unique!

13. Panasonic Electric Cordless Razor

Panasonic Electric Cordless Razor

The high-end model from this brand is sure to be a crowd pleaser. With all kinds of bells and whistles, it has an adjustable shaving head that pivots in 16 different directions as well as sensors for beard density which ensure you get smooth skin every time!

14. Ogio Pace 25 Backpack

This backpack is perfect for any occasion. It’s water-resistant, has tons of compartments to hold everything you need and comes with a lifetime warranty!
A simple yet stylish Ballistic nylon design combined with an array of pockets makes this product appealing not only as work or school gear but also travel companion on those longer journey.

15. The IceMule Traveler

If you like your beverages ice cold, this cooler is perfect for holding them. It has a special kind of insulation that keeps the drinks fresh with up to 48 hours worth before they melt! The zippered top opens wide and stays open so it’s super easy loading or unloading; plus these bad boys are lightweight enough not only keep everything safe from UV rays but also floating in water if need be (which makes me think about all sorts off things).

Scarlett Steward

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