Shopping for book-lovers can feel like a daunting task – what if you get them something they’ve already read, or worse yet: give the same gift as someone else? Instead of bogging down in lists and google docs, why not try making your present more creative with gifts related to books that bring out their love of reading. Whether it’s an intricate bookmark crafted by hand or a beautiful journal they can scribble away ideas into; these thoughtful accessories make perfect presents!

We spoke to a diverse group of book-lovers – from writers and editors, to publishing professionals and professors – for some great ideas on what gifts would make the perfect present for that special bibliophile in your life. These unique options prove you don’t have to get them another book this holiday season!

Hooga Book Light

Molly McGhee, a self-proclaimed “old-fashioned reader,” relishes the pleasure of reading in bed – especially with her special “true game changer” of a light. With an amber hue that blocks out blue hues and allows readers to keep their partner (and eyes) blissfully undisturbed while winding down after dark, this particular bookish companion has been nothing short of revolutionary for late night bibliophiles like Molly!

HAY Matin Table Lamp

Evan Dent, manager of 192 Books in Chelsea and avid nighttime reader, knows a thing or two about reading without disturbing your partner. He suggests investing in an adjustable lamp with a dimmer – which doubles as extra storage for books and notebooks. Perfect for keeping you entertained late into the night while making sure that everyone gets their beauty sleep!

Men’s Underwear

Men’s underwear is an ideal gift for any man in your life. Not only are they comfortable and stylish, but they also come in a wide range of colors, styles and sizes that make them easy to customize to suit their individual tastes. They’re a perfect way to convey how much you appreciate someone special or simply to show your own appreciation of their presence. Plus, they are highly affordable, so you don’t have to overspend when gifting the perfect present!

Lumio Book Lamp

Lumio’s sculptural accordion lamp will lend a modern, origami-inspired touch to any living space. Plus, its clever design is both incredibly versatile and totally unobtrusive – simply shut the book for an instant transformation from artful lighting fixture back into bedroom nightstand decor! With countless shades to choose from you can create something unique that speaks directly to your style.

Beats Solo³ Wireless Headphones

Rachel Krupitsky, an expert on social media and audience development from Penguin Random House, dreams of a vacation to a quiet island where reading in peace is the order of the day; however she would gladly enjoy headphones that can block out as much noise around her as possible. Traci Thomas – host books podcast The Stacks – recommends Beats earphones with their variety of colors and reasonable prices for enjoying audiobooks or simply recreating Rachel’s oasis anywhere even among noisy subway crowds.

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

For Kendra Winchester, co-host of the Reading Women podcast, AirPods provide a superior audiobook experience — especially with frequent headaches making it difficult to enjoy paper books. She loves how she can take out an AirPod and indeed “pause” her story if something interrupts her reading time. Parenting doesn’t have to interrupt your page turner any longer— now you can invest in quality audio tech!

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

Paris Close, founding editor of the book community blog Paperback Paris, took his commitment to reading a step further by investing in AirPods Pro. Not only have these audio devices been praised for their noise-canceling capabilities but they are also quite useful for multitasking bibliophiles who prefer listening to music with lyrics during their readings. According to him, these earbuds truly offer an unparalleled experience when it comes to blocking out distracting sounds!

Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB)

Dani Lacey, co-host of Black Chick Lit and proud MBA holder, recently treated herself to the greatest reading device ever – a Kindle! With its eye strain stopping technology and long battery life, it’s no wonder Dani loves her new ebook reader. Not only can she access library books anywhere without resorting to cumbersome physical copies but with 500+ titles at one time there’s always something new for her wherever she goes!

West Elm Bearaby Cotton Napper

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to help someone feel more secure and comfortable, a weighted blanket is ideal. West Elm’s selection offers colorful options in varying weights suitable for any level of anxiety – providing just enough calmness to relax their mind and environment.

CB2 Faux Fur Snow Leopard Throw

Pamper your loved one this season with an ultrasoft and indulgent faux-fur throw, perfect for snuggling! As recommended by Traci Thomas of The Stacks podcast, the snow-leopard print from West Elm is sure to make a statement.

Ikea Poäng Armchair

Spoil the bookworm in your life with a new chair for their reading nook! Lacey has found that this Ikea armchair is just right; supportive and cozy enough to kick back comfortably, but not too plush or hard so you’ve got uninterrupted access to great literature. For an extra special treat, why not upgrade them to the rocking version – still within budget at under $200?

Ideal Bookshelf Custom Print

Give the gift of literature this holiday season! Katharine Scrivener, of Read With Kat Instagram fame, wants a custom print from Ideal Bookshelf – showcasing her all-time favorite reads. Alternatively, Jane Mount’s book spine illustrations are sure to please with topics ranging from feminism and anti-racism to sci-fi and coming-of age novels – meaning there is something for everyone on your list!

Ember Temperature-Control Ceramic Mug – 10 Oz.

Enjoy your coffee and tea just the way you like it with this cutting-edge mug! It can maintain temperatures between 120°F and 145°F to ensure a perfect drinking experience. Mitchell Kass, founder of trend forecasting agency Trend Council, says even picky drinkers would appreciate its features – plus, if unplugged from power source it stays warm for up to an hour while docked in the charging saucer means no need to worry about cold beverages all day long. Thomas is also highly satisfied ”I love how I don’t have be disturbed by a cool cup of tea when trying get immersed in my book.” Get yours today—drink every sip as intended!

OUAI Chill Pills Bath Bombs

Transform a bath into an aromatherapeutic spa experience with Ouai’s luxurious, yet not overly oily, bath bombs! According to Thomas, these are just the ticket for setting a peaceful and relaxing mood while they soak.

Kneipp Herbal Bath Oil – Eucaluptus

Lou Diamond Phillips knows a thing or two about relaxation, and his secret for turning any bath into a luxurious spa experience? This all-natural oil made by an enigmatic priest-doctor. With just one bottle of this special elixir, your next soak in the tub will be even more soothing after those long days on set.

Himimi Store Bamboo Laptop Desk

Don’t let wrist strain get in the way of your beloved Sunday reading routine! Curl up with a cozy blanket and enjoy that 700-page masterpiece without any aches or pains, thanks to McGhee’s genius suggestion: an adjustable laptop desk. Now you can stay warm and comfortable while discovering new stories from the comfort of bed.

Noble Objects Beloved Scented Candle

Show your appreciation for a book-loving friend with an extra special gift from Noble Objects! Their Beloved candle, inspired by Toni Morrison’s classic novel of the same name, captures all the comforting aromas associated with 124 Bluestone Road: warm cinnamon and blueberries baked in cream, doughy goodness and soothing vanilla. Just add some tea or coffee to make an unforgettable reading experience!

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