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Allen Wood was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and later moved to New York City to establish a career in the fashion and beauty industry. After two years of millinery apprenticeship, he went on to pursue a career in hairstyling. His path began with schooling at The Aveda Institute, which launched into a now decade-long career at Bumble and bumble Salon and University. His kick-start at Bumble began with a rigorous apprenticeship, which has since evolved into a multifaceted position. He now cuts and styles in the salon, acts as a lead styling educator, and works as an editorial stylist. Allen’s true passion – styling – has grown from experiences such as styling for Paris Fashion Week and keying shows for New York Fashion Week. His love for the craft continues to grow as he regularly styles for editorial photoshoots, videos and major fashion publications. Having collaborated with designers such as Altuzarra, Comme des Garçons and Tibi, Allen’s diverse client list goes on to include Bobbi Brown and Smashbox Cosmetics, as well as publications ranging from Nylon Magazine to The New York Times. Known for his efficiency and attention to detail, clients love Allen for his timeliness, ability to adapt on set, and creative eye. Currently we are developing an e-commerce website for personalized products such as boxer with face on them, pajamas, blanket hoodie, panties, socks, clothing and home decor.

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The wedding gift is a difficult thing to shop for. Br Ladder has you covered with their wide selection of gifts, but sometimes what’s on the list will be taken by someone else or all good stuff has already been claimed! There’s also budgeting issues and finding that perfect balance between giving too much money/stuff while still being able offer some sort-of present in return; afterall it can’t hurt right?

What are some of the most meaningful gifts you can give someone who just got married? A cookbook for at-home date nights and journal with ideas on what to do during your first year as husband/wife would be perfect! These will create memories that last forever, instead if giving out practical things like vacuums or serving platters which may get used numerous times before they become obsolete.

The idea behind this article was how do you make your special moments memorable? This could be anything from an intimate sandwich lunch at home; cuddling up ona couch after dark watching some TV – whatever makes both parties feel happy!

1. Greyling Post Personalized Couples Print

This personalized print is perfect for that adventurous couple. Give them the chance to customize everything from hair color, headwear and even pets! Top it off with their names on Wedding Day plus date of marriage-you’ll have a sweet little keepsake as an engaged gift or something special after tying The knot.

2. Shop Home Maven Mr. and Mrs. Doormat

The newlyweds are about to welcome everyone into their new home with this adorable outdoor doormat, which boasts them and the year they were married in 3D velour embellishment. It’s crafted for all kinds weather proofing so comes as three different sizes designed specifically towards your needs!

3. Do One Thing Every Day Together: A Journal for Two

With this journal for two, couples will be surprised by each other with new ways to connect and spend time together. With tons of prompts in the book that offer inspiration on what they can do today or even just after dinner–it’s sure keep communication flowing essential if you want your relationship thrive!

4. Mark & Graham Wood and Marble Appetizer Serving Platter

This beautifully designed platter is perfect for serving up all your favorite appetizers. Whether it’s chips and guac, cheese sticks with jammy fruit spread or olives—you’ll be able to show off this great snack plate in style! The three handcrafted marble condiment bowls sit atop a solid acacia wood base while an engraved monogram of their first initial/last name allows them even more customization options if they want something different than what we’ve shown here today (or just need more space).

5. Monogram Selection Mr. and Mrs. Champagne Flutes

These modern champagne flutes are perfect for any wedding-bound couple looking to make a toast on their big day! The hand blown glass makes them durable and long lasting, so you’ll be able celebrate every anniversary in style.

6. Intersection of Love Photo Print

Congratulations on your engagement! This fun, unique print captures the couple’s love with a customized street sign that features both of their names and even includes an illustration to show when they met (if it was in high school) or started dating/were married. You can opt for either unframed simplicity or framed elegance – there are five different framing options available including wood + gold tone metal castings

7. Etched Skyline Wine Glass

These glasses are sure to make a couple swoon with nostalgia. Pick the city that means most for them—where they met, live or are getting married in-and its skyline will come alive on these wine goblets! They can even be gifted separately so you don’t have just one special place holding all their loved ones’ memories together as couples change over time.

8. Date Night In: More than 120 Recipes to Nourish Your Relationship

This cookbook is perfect for couples on the go. With more than 120 recipes, it has everything you need to satisfy your hunger and create memories with loved ones at home! From fennel-crusted lamb chops or nectarine creamsicles – these dishes will make anyone happy (and leave them asking for seconds).

You can help your loved oneiven on their journey to parenthood by gifting them experiences or sending money through Honeyfund.com, which allows you an opportunity for added memories like paddle board lessons in addition with other activities they might enjoy such as city tours and massages!

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